To all the brave beings who have chosen to walk the inner path of personal truth. To face this life and make it good again. ‘You are in fact the heroes of humanity.’ To those who have chosen to face themselves within the moments of silence and introspection, (which so many do all they can to avoid). To those who have chosen to clear and walk the path of the heart, into equanimity and harmony. You never walk alone, you are joined by every being whom has traversed this path before.

‘I am not speaking spiritual or pseudo. I am speaking, as a matter of fact.

We all are challenged to face ourselves, everyday of our lives, we have little choice in this. Those who say this is not so, I believe have never really lived. Though the task of making things good inside, at first may seem arduous, it is far more so if you do not. It is to this that my work here is dedicated, my loyalty stands in honesty and sincerity ever by the side of the part of you which desires to unveil its own inner truth above all. May the personal conundrum unravel, may you always find your way, may there always be a light clearly seen which will guide you home again.

Yours in,

Music- Words- Health & fitness

Nicolas G. Heartmann