Snowflake & Evelins Eleven Elves

A short, super cliche, story with all the holiday gaudiness one could ask for, the telling of how Evelin met Snowflake.

“Snowflake & Evelins Eleven Elves.”


There once was a kitty, she was just a tiny little itty-bitty. She was born in the back of an old and rusty, derelict, broken down truck. The cutest little ball of fluff. She entered this world on a new moon, which filled the air with a cool myst of auspicious portent. She had tow siblings a brother, and a sister. Within the cuddly aegis of their Mama, they spent most of the day nursing, and playing to the hymns sung by carolers, to the cadence of the season. They were getting very close to the age of exploration. Another week or so, and they would dare their first attempts at leaping down from the opened hatch of the truck.

“We have to make room here, and clear out this truck by tomorrow afternoon. They will be coming to set up the,,,” A voice faded in, and out in the passing.

The kitties paid little heed, since there were voices, singing, coming, and going all day long. They had no idea that their home was right in a side street of the marketplace. So they continued on with their regular routine of swatting, tumbling over and biting each other, till late into the night. Until the next morning, where everything changed,,,

The Workshop;

Meanwhile back in ‘the great workshop,’ where elves contrived, mechanized ideas, and experimented with the newest upcoming holiday renovations. Gears turned, hammers, hammered, balls rolled, there was a huff and puff of brightly colored machines, mixing in with the random explosion, and loud squeaks of Elven panic here, and there. Just another jolly day, in Santas workshop,,,

On top of a red, and green pedestal engraved with golden filigree, and magical ruins, stood a very cordial Elf, speaking with vociferous enthusiasm to all the gathered Elves. “This is going to be the best year ever!” So proclaimed ‘Sparky’ the assistant head elf. The elves were in the middle of a meeting, the smell of fresh candy canes, and monumental importance fluxed through the air. “This year will not be about presents!” He added, with great fervor, the biggest smile he had ever mustered consuming most of his face. He prepared for the inevitable onslaught of flying gingerbread cookies, and a thousand squeaky voices combining in a cacophony of disapproval. Instead, there was silence,,,

A minute or so passed until from out the throng of bobbing pointy, and pondering hats, arose a young female elf voice, “But what shall we do then?”

“I’m glad you asked,” Sparkies smile relaxed. “You see everyone; we had thought bringing presents to the world, would bring harmony to the people, and the season. But the problem is, the joy of presents is very short lived, soon the presents are unwrapped, there is a mess of paper to be cleaned all over the floor, and the grumpiness, or quiet, often not so quiet” he added as a side note, “discontentment of their lives continues. We wished to share the joys of elf culture, and tradition thinking it was our caring nature, and our love of giving to one another that would impart this message. But,” He paused for a moment, with a whimpering sigh, “we were wrong. It is not the presents, but the very heart of who we are that must be shared!”

The same elf as earlier rose her hand to speak once more. ” Yes, Eveline what do you wish to add?” Asked Sparky.

“Ooh uh, you mean that warm fuzzy feeling inside, that we can’t explain but is always there when we look to it?”

“Yes, exactly.” Replied Sparky, “the warm, and fuzzy feeling, the one that doesn’t need presents, or gingerbreads, or cupcakes to be, it just is who we are, our heart of hearts.” He paused a moment to reflect, then continued on. “Anyways, so I suggest a special Elf team, be formed to go to work on our new mission asap, while the rest of us go on preparing for the season as planned.” Sparky looked around the hall with hope, and glee, “Do I have any volunteers for this project?”

Guess who’s hand went up? That’s right, ‘Evelins’ you guessed it, she was just the right elf for the job. Filled with vivacious elf luster, and a gift for harmonious leadership. And so it was that Evelin was appointed to the head of the elf team, and charged with assembling a group of eleven Elves to save the world. The team was later, in another separately appointed committee named the ‘Triple E team or TET.” Which stood simply for ‘Evelins eleven Elves’ (sometimes garnished with) of splendiferous magnitude.

Into the heroes journey;

The very next morning shortly after sunrise, through the crispy light winds, which were gently blowing around a few glittery icy-flakes, foot steps approached with the sound of crunching snow.

“Well, Bob best we connect the tow cable, no way we are getting this hunk of junk running.”

“Yep,,,” Bob replied, before taking a sip of his warm steaming beverage.

The two men went back, to retrieve all the necessary apparel, and prepared for the kitties home to be relocated to the local junkyard. As the men connected the cable, and prepared for take off, they made quite a bit of noise, alarming the Mama cat. As the truck began to move, she responded as quickly as she could grabbing tow of her kittens in her mouth, and making her escape. As the truck rolled away, she stood hiding behind a trash can, watching the truck. She quickly hid her tow babies, behind the trash can, and made a dash, in hopes of retrieving her other baby.

Inside the back of the truck little baby kitty fluffy-flakes, slid from side to side, meowing, trying to find a hold on something with her little claws, but to little avail. She could see her Mom, running behind her, but she didn’t dare jump out of the truck it was moving to fast. Her Mom continued on until she lost complete sight of the truck, and her legs could no longer carry her. With sadness, and concern she made the hardest decision ever, and gave up the chase to return to her other kittens which needed her.

But the adventure was far from over, continuing to be rattled up, and tossed from side to side the baby kitty held on for dear life. Watching the road from out of the truck continue to move, and sway. She had never dreamed such uproar possible in all her four and a half weeks of life. ‘Everything had been so perfect, what is happening here right now?’ She asked herself. Finally getting a hold of some old rolled up carpet, digging her little claws in, and holding on best she could, bracing herself for whatever was to come. After a while the road began to even out, and the ride became a bit more still. Watching as the path moved her further, and further away… With a squeaking sound the truck came to a stop, the kitty thought this was her chance at making a safe getaway. She slowly moved to the edge of the back of the truck, peaking her head over the opened hatch, she looked down. “Oh no,” she said, “that’s a far drop.” Quickly she pulled her head back, scampering for the safety of the carpet, as the truck started to move. Again she was flung from side to side, when all of a sudden it hit a bump, which launched her up into the air, and over the side of the truck, landing her square in the middle of a pile of snow, on the side of an empty street.

Machinations & Planning;

Back at the elves workshop, Evelin sat in a meeting room with her chosen eleven, going over their plans. “I’m sure you all understand the measure of importance this project holds for our futures. I believe Sparky, and the head council to be right, presents are loosing their luster. It is the meaning behind the presents, which needs to once again be brought to the front lines. So that the joy of caring for one another can be felt, and experienced all year long.”

“Agreed.” Said Felix, who was wearing a green and white hat, with a smear of chocolate still on his top lip. “Also word has it that the Goblins are taking an ever greater interest in the holidays. Elf gifts just don’t seem to be enough, to fill the humans growing need for more, and more presents to compensate for the lack of holiday spirit. And you know how Goblins love getting there greedy little hands into anything profitable.”

“Very true Evelin nodded, the Goblins have been becoming a greater threat then ever before.” Determination filled her expression, as she took a solid chug out of her cup, filled with marshmallowy- chocolate goodness. “All the more reason, for us to make sure our mission takes flight. When the emphasis is taken away from the presents, and put back were it was once intentioned to be, the Goblins will no longer have any demand for their ‘mediocre at best” she added with a sneer, “toy productions, and they will loose their grip on the people.”

“We need to do some reconnoitering, there is not enough information on hand, as to what makes these humans do what they do.” Said Olaf straightening his very studious looking glasses on his tiny nose, and thin features.

A ring of knocks upon the table, and a mingling of diminutive voices all sounded in agreement. Each elf scratching down corresponding notes, on there little work pads, while chomping on cookies, and taking regular sips of hot chocolate.

Evelin continued, “I suggest we break up into three groups of three, with two elves staying behind, who will be charged with keeping track of our progress, and findings. Each team will report in regularly, as written in the standard elf away mission protocol. Groups stay in Walkie-Talkie contact with each other at all times.

All elves looked astute, and imperious as any elf could, and gave their solomon nods of agreement.

“Ok then Felix, Zoey, and myself will lead. Assemble your team, and apparel we meet in the Elf-copter launch bay at zero eight-hundred hours tomorrow morning.”

And so it was that the elves prepared for their first official mission into human territory, to find out more on what could be done about the decline in spirit, the avarice, and the all around growing discontentment amongst human beings.


In a dark, and way to clean for comfort office, sat a chubby little green being with a very shinny wart toward the left side of its nose. He was reading the morning news paper keeping track of the rising, and falling of toy stocks, as a loud knock on the door broke his concentration. He spoke in a calm, deep voice, “Come in!” with an underlying irritation that accompanied the nature of his character.

The door opened, and waddling in came another little green, being with a gigantic nose bigger then his whole face. “Boss,,,” he paused a moment already feeling the potential repercussions of the news he carried, “I,,, I have news of the elves.”

“The elves?” The calculating figure said behind the desk, “What of the elves?”

Knowing his boss didn’t take kindly to procrastination, he came right out with it. “They have plans to end the need for presents in the humans.” Gregory said with a retreating flinch.

There was a long silence,,, “Oh they are, are they now. Well will just have to give them a proper Goblins welcome, for entering in on our business transactions,,, won’t we now.”

“Ehhh, yes boss,,, mmmh,,, what do you have in mind boss?” Gregory asked timidly.

The big boss of the Goblins, in a very calm and business like fashion bade his lackey to step closer, and continued concisely explaining what was to be done about this little incursion, the elves had planned…

Elf-copter bay nine;

“A good morning to everyone!” said Evelin, taking a sip of her warm ginger tea, ornamented with a swirly twirly candy-cane hanging off the side of her cup. “Felix?”

“I’m here, and a lovely morning to you! TET squad tow standing ready!” Felix saluted, inadvertently hitting the side of his cup of hot chocolate which he held in the other hand, and spilling a few drops on himself. “Oh, my,,,” he looked down at his shirt sheepishly, hoping none noticed. (They all did, notice.)

“Yes, well,,, good, good to have you with us.” Evelin did her best in diverting from the little accident. “Zoey! Are you here?”

“Zoey here, TET Squad three ready for action!” Zoey expressed with Elf zeal, taking her new position of command very seriously.

“Good, I hope you all got a befitting night sleep, there is no telling what awaits us, once we leave the confines of the workshop gates. Fitz, and Bitzy, will be staying behind to keep continued survey of our progress. They have been outfitted with plenty of cookies, and swirly, twirly marshmallow fluffy cakes, Almond-milk, and such to keep them focused, without being sidetracked by the necessary kitchen runs, during our away- mission. They have also been so kind as to supply us with one, ‘mostly proven functional,’ mission recall- emergency pickup mecha- transmittier. Which I have decided to keep safe in the inner pocket of my right boot. Once activated, a squad of elf-copters will be sent out, light weight bearing only the minimum supply of refreshments, to recover us or what is left of us. You all know the stakes, of this mission, you all know the risk. Are we ReAdY?”

“Yay,,, yes,,, yay!” all the elves cheered as loud, and enthusiastic as possible. Though some were less then enthusiastic, and more frantic about visiting the human world. Fitz, and Bitzy sitting convertibly, munching away on there provisions behind the safety glass of the survey console, gave their simultaneous cookie covered nods of approval.

“Ok, well if there are no further questions, we’d better get on our way.” Evelin gave one last inspection of her troops. All looked good to go.

A hand went up from the TET squad tow, unit three. “Ehh,,, I mmmh,,, I have to pee before we go.”

“Oh yes, Nimmy thx for the reminder. To all elves, this may be your last bathroom chance, for bit, so if you need to go, go now.” said Evelin.

All the Elves simultaneously ran for the bathrooms bumping into each other, and a half our later, everyone was ready to go. They Elved the copters, and choppered their way into the seasonal snowfall of the mornings brisk sky’s.


Kitty capture;

A few large fluffy flakes continued to fall, as our little kitty finally scuffled her way out of the pile of snow. By necessities demand she took on the exploration of her surroundings. She was a tough little kitty, and though she felt sad about loosing sight of her mother, she also felt a strong determination, trusting that she would find her way back. Somehow,,,

Sniffing around in the cool frosty air, she began tiptoeing through the snow, making her way to the end of the street were she would be able to look and see what is around the corner. On her way stoping here, and there to play with a few falling snowflakes, giving one a swat with her paw, and biting at another. When all a sudden a very loud consternating noise froze her completely. It came from a very small dead-end alley, in between the tall buildings. A loud ‘pang,’ like the popping of a balloon, she stretched her neck as far as she could to peek, and see what it was. Spying further into the direction of the loud pang with ninja kitty stealth, she heard the sounds of tow or more rough toned mangy little voices.

“Wow,,, did you hear that? these new projectiles the boss gave us will do the trick alright.” Said one of the scruffy voices.

“Yea, now we just need to call in our location to headquarters, so they can send in a squad to man this area.” Said the other.

“Hey,,,” The first voice admonished, “Did you hear that?”

“Yes, there is something, or someone over there spying on us. Juno, and Preston, go check out what we have over there!” Commanded the first voice.

Two more of the unpleasant little creatures, walked cautiously over to where the sound came from. It was behind an old box which had been discarded as trash by someone. They moved the box to the side to find the sight of a fluffy-furry white and black feline. She looked at the creatures in confusion, not really knowing what she should make out of this whole situation. And before she could decide, tow more Goblins encircled her from behind, throwing ropes around her legs and tying her into a big knot. She would have fought back but they were to fast, and very strong even though not much bigger then herself.

“I don’t think it was a spy, but still better to tie it up just incase.” Commented one of the Goblins, “The boss may be interested in seeing what we found.”

“Agreed, leave her tied up, and put her in the corner for now, will deal with it later. Now call in our team, and lets set up shop, for our brazen little visitors.” replied another Goblin.

So the Goblins did what they said, and tossed the little tied up kitty into the corner, (not very Christmasy behavior at all) as they continued on with whatever sinister plot was being deployed here…


Its Snowing Candy-canes;

A few hours later, kitty was still tied up, and still not very happy about it. She could turn just enough, and looking up she saw what looked like very large bees floating overhead. As one of the Goblins commanded in a loud, and noxious voice. “Hold,,, and Fire,,, FIRE NOW!” She heard that same bang of the balloon again from earlier, but this time much louder, and many more of them. Shortly after the Goblins all began to cheer with joyful din, “We got them! We got them all boss!” One of the lackey Goblins jovially exclaimed. As the Goblins watched the colorful explosions, it began to rain cookies, and twirly Holiday eggnog goodness, as flailing arms, and legs dressed in green, red, and yellow uniforms fell from the sky, crash landing luckily in the soft piles of gathered fallen snow.

“I see that,,, now come down from there, and lets get them all tied up, and ready to visit the Big Boss,,, and quickly!” snarled the Goblin captain.

A short while later the Goblin, (being extremely good at what they do) returned with a pack of neatly wrapped up elves. Who after a very hard crash didn’t have much of an opportunity to fight back the onslaught of so many Goblins. “You won’t get away with this!” yelled Evelin at the top of her lungs.

“Oh little squiggly one, we already have.” One of the Goblins replied, with an utterly tasteless smile.

“Let me out of here, I will bite your nose off!” yelled another Elf, possibly Felix. It was hard to tell, with the number of intermingling threats, and imprecations being tossed back, and forth between Elf, and Goblin.

”Ouch!,” yelled Zoey, “if you poke me with that spear again, you slimy, smelly fungus, it will be your undoing!”

As the Goblins were busy putting the finishing touches on their decorative ambush and capture operation. A tiny little kitty had been very busy, loosening the ropes which were used to bind her, and was preparing herself to save the day. When one of the Goblins noticed her getting loose, and alarmed the others. Who immediately cornered the kitty, she didn’t want to be captured again so she took her chances, and made her escape. Breaking the lines of Goblins with her super kitty pounce- momentum, having made just enough time, and space for herself to claw at the bonds of one of the captured elves, before being thwarted again, by a specifically chubby, and warted Goblin. Evelin was unfettered, thx to kitty, she knew instantly this was her chance to set things right. She launched to untie the other elves. But, before she could make it even to the first one, she noticed the little kitty being attacked, and cornered by Goblins. Being a true elf, and therefore bound to a code of honor, she knew she had to save the kitty that tried to free her. Attacking tow of the Goblins to clear a path, she flung herself before the kitty which was just about to be stabbed by a pointy, nasty little goblin spear. When all a sudden something truly magical happened;

For Evelin all time stopped, just for a moment of a second in our time, but to Evelin it was much more. She saw her mission fail, her jolly loyal elves captured, she saw the end of the meaning of Christmas, to be consumed by Goblin greed. She knew this could not come to pass, and from within herself, sprung forth a vision. A vision of every sugar plum, every candy cane, and every holly and jolly thing that made this season magical, melting together swirling into a spiraling center, which explode forth as a heart of Golden-white light. She began to feel this light moving through her body, and out of her hands, as she awoke from out of the moments trans, to find herself having stunned all the attacking goblins. They were so dizzy, from the wave of Holiday spirit moving through them they would be immobile for some time. Evelin looked down in shock inspecting her hands, and she still feeling tingles cascading all through her body. Looking over her shoulder, to see the fluffiest little kitty, she had ever laid eyes on. Giving her joyous big hug, the fluffy snowflake returned the gesture with a snuggly “meow.” Together they freed the rest of the team, and ran for safety, while the Goblins were all still stunned, stumbling over each other in utter confusion. Evelin was picked up by the little kitty, and she rode ahead leading the scuffed up, but cheering elf team to safety.

Safety in Snowy-hills;

They moved as fast as their little Elf feet could carry them. Deep into an obstacle-course of snowy hills, through an icy frozen tunnel, and out the other side. It had begun to snow heavily, and by the looks of it, it wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. A few elves tried their best in the passing, to catch a few snowflakes on their tongues. They were out of breath by the time they reached a spot far enough away, where they would be safe for the time being, and finally took shelter under a half tipped over wheel barrel.

Evelin immediately activated the emergency transmitter, which was thank goodness still stowed away in her right boot. As they waited for the arrival of the rescue elf-copters, Evelin exchanged stories with her new kitty friend. It didn’t take long for them to form a bridge of communication, both Elves, and kitties being keenly telepathic by nature. Kitty told Evelin all about her adventure, and with a very sad look about being towed away from her Mom, and siblings. Evelin in turn then told her not to worry, with the help of the elf-copters, they would find her Mom in no time. She continued on, telling kitty about their mission, of saving humanity, and such, which kitty found very interesting. Though she didn’t know very much about humanity, notwithstanding she felt it to be a valiant pursuit. They decided to form a pact, Evelin would help her find her Mom again, and in return kitty would be by Evelins side on her sure to be many, upcoming missions. It was clear they were best friends before they ever even met each other. Since kitty didn’t yet have an official name, Evelin named her Snowflake. ‘Snowflake’ was very happy about her new name, and felt it suited her well. ‘Evelin and Snowflake’ rode together on many assignments sharing her new found gift of transmitting holiday spirit blessings. Which after lots of experimenting, was then taught to a whole group of elves, which were appointed as holiday blessing givers to transmit the awakening of holiday spirit within the hearts man. Which would help people to remember, and overtime awaken them to the realization, that within their heart of hearts is already all they’ve every sought for. (That’s so Christmasy right now, mmhmm…)

And so it was that; on a week before Christmas, three little baby kitties, and their Mommy were all cuddled around, a warm fireplace in Santas very own living room. The Mommy cat, who took on the name of Abigale, gently brushed up against Santas knee, and purred her gratitude, for all Santa, and the Elves had done for the kitties.

Santa smiled, which turned quickly into a warm, and deep laugh “Oh, ho, ho, ho,,, without the help of your kitty, all would have been lost. She is very brave indeed, our fuzzy little Snowflake.”

Abby went back to lay down near her babies so proud of them all, and extremely relieved to have everyone back together…


Snowflake, and Evelin came to forge an alliance between cats, and elves. Every away-team elf was assigned to a cat in the human world which they would befriend, and bond with. And so together they routed the plans of a Goblin takeover, by the spreading of holiday cheer, through the blessing of spirit which emanates from within the heart of hearts within each and every one of us. Goblins having little interest in anything besides their own personal profits, and power, took little interest in the introspective work of unveiling their inner truth, and therefore stayed clear of the Holiday spirit. Though there have been ever more accounts of Goblins these days, coming to reason, and beginning to feel something inside themselves other then mistrust, and greed. Believe it or not, there are actually a few Goblins which have made it onto Santas nice list. Which just goes to show that with a little patience, and the help of the Holidays spirit, miracles really can come to pass. 😉


“Hello everyone, Im Evelin, (“purr”) and this is Snowflake next to me. We hope you enjoyed our little adventure together. May it be that the spirit within the heart of hearts, awakens to bring clarity, and true freedom to everyone. And if you wish to help the Elves on their mission, all you have to do, is look to and call on the star within your own heart, hold out the palms of your hands, and send it forth to touch all the world, and bring healing to anything that may be troubling you.”

“And so it is, and to all a good night,,, Ho ho ho!!!!”

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