For Goodness sakes – Part 2

This Blog is in response to a comment left on Facebook for “For Goodness sakes – Part 1“:

Nicolas Heartmann – I’m not sure… I ended up googling the definition of illusion haha.. then it had me thinking about how the course teaches only love is real … And reading what you had written about illusions makes sense to me too… It’s like I’ve been exposed to so many teachings it’s sometimes difficult to quantify in my mind…. Then I go back to remembering my mind is attempting to evaluate something I’m probably not capable of…. And that this is actually all just play even whenever it feels so serious and real sometimes. Angela Zankey


I really appreciate precise, laconic, eloquence. So before I gust myself into a blogging blizzard on this subject, I’ll remember to keep it brief and concise. Let me start this by saying that; I truly believe that at the highest inner levels, at the sanctum of our existence, only love is real. Still, we find ourselves here, where we are experiencing all matter of things that don’t feel like love at all. All having in one way, shape or form sprung forth from the eternal wellspring or its offspring, its emanations. Is all this illusion? From one point of view I suppose yes, but in truth, it is what it is, and is as real as anything can be. We dispute, and debate on many of these things, still experiences are as real as they are for you in each moment. Are these things ever lasting, never changing? No, of course not. Notwithstanding, are they truly deceit or illusion? Or are they simply what is for you in that given moment.

I recall Marianne Williamson speaking on the course saying: (And Im paraphrasing,) “Only love is real, and that within that love you are forever safe.”

She continues by saying; “ You, the real you is forever safe in Gods arms, but, this does not mean you won’t get sick, or that you will have no struggles in your life. It means the part of you that is eternal, is forever safe in God.

The thing I don’t care for so much about the expression ‘illusion’ is its use as a cop-out from life/creation, another way of leaving things behind, which really need our compassion, love, and recognition. Often we want to just ‘up and out,’ numb ourselves or hold it down, anything just to no longer feel whatever it is thats been troubling us. So if we feel that all this is just deceit or illusion, it makes it very easy for us to turn away, wanting to transcend (one of the new hot ideas moving around these days, just transcend it all). And I feel we really don’t get the holy- lessons for growth that way. The problem with it in my opinion simply this; “when things unresolved, are left behind, it leaves a mess for another time.” (Hey that rhymes ;p.) I truly believe there is reason, meaning, and value for us here, in this “illusion.” Thinking of a Bob Marley lyric, “If you knew what life is worth, you would look for yours on earth.

One thing is sure; however you wish to see it, whatever you believe this is, we are all in this together. And we all ought to be good to one another, and make this experience a beautiful place to be for each other. 🙂

That all said, beyond and above it all, in regards to you having mentioned your wide range of different teachings you’ve been exposed to. I strongly feel that you are the only one, that can, and ever should really decide what is good, and true for you. It is wise to seek council, but at days end, you decide what feels right, and true to you. Only by forming your own conclusions, trusting in your own intuition and living accordingly do we sincerely grow, learn, and become ‘grounded’ into ever deeper truths. (And I know you probably already do that, I just felt it worth repeating, for anyone else, who may find the info of use.)

As for the last part in the above comment; I feel life is more multiverse then just being all play or all serious, there is a time and a place for all things. Are all these things just illusions? Or are they simply as real as they are for you in each given moment? In some way there is a sliver of truth of reality everywhere, and so God is found in everything. And “Yes,’ sometimes these things can get way to brainy, where just letting go, and sinking into the experience of it all is far more rewarding, then figuring it all out ever could be.

A last tidbit, a story I really enjoyed hearing a long time ago:

The story about the Shaolin Monastery, how they were just meditating, peaceful monks. But then thieves would come and break in and steal from them etc. So they sent out Monks in all directions to learn different fighting styles, who then returned with this knowledge to teach the rest of the Monks to fight. So they created Shaolin Kung-fu, because they understood that even though they were peaceful meditatively edified monks, they could still get their butt kicked. Meaning; even if this was an illusion, unfortunate events still feel pretty real, and unfortunate. In my opinion as real as anything can be, for an ocean within a drop.

God resonates within you, through you, as you, and at the very core, we are all one within the holy truth that God is love, and those who abide in love, abide in God, and God abides in them.


Be blessed, and eternally Loved

Nicolas Heartmann 🙂

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Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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