For Goodness sakes!

For the sake of Goodness 🙂

I know there are many people sojourning on this world today who; in their truth hold a question inside themselves in relation to the life fountain, point of awareness, or however you relate to ‘the God.’ This question asks; ‘God how could you let this happen?’

The simple answer is, once we all were as one in God, and on that level of being, we still are. However, as one, we decided on creation to be, to become the many, to become self-endowed of God with its most puissant aspect which is freedom. Freedom to make choices, freedom to grow within those choices, and to experience things outside of the being-ness of who we are in truth.

Some call this, the world of maya, the world of illusion, ‘the world of Karma.’ Some say all the world is just an illusion. I would say all the world is malleable and in transit, but by Gods power even illusion is real in the moments it is. I recall a teacher of mine saying; ‘Just because its an illusion, doesn’t mean its not real. I believe that saying; ‘its all just an illusion,’ is to take away the meaning, the worth of creation. I don’t believe that denying things that ‘are,’ to be as ‘not,’ is the way to liberation. Rather I vote for, going into the depth, to own our fears, doubts, all the things we don’t care for, and to solemnly, and sincerely find peace with it all, in the alchemical transmutation of experiential acceptance. Here then, there is no trash left behind.

You see once we come to understand, that regardless of what we see happening in the world, that the goodness inside us still is, no matter how dimmed by misperception. And that as we choose to empower, and invoke this goodness to flood our lives, we begin to awaken, to our core, our center of emanation. We choose to express goodness, look to goodness, and meaning is found. We may come to see that awareness, and the center of goodness, are one and the same. It is goodness that gives sight, and wisdom, it is fear that brings blindness, and discrepancies.

The Key to wisdom:

Allowing the ‘feeling- impressions’ we receive within each moments existence, to be retold within the eternal unfolding. Rather then living by gathered knowledge of past experiences alone. Laying to side the calculations of the mind, allows for wholesome wisdoms to come in.

The Key to awakening:

Freeing ourselves of the tethers woven around our souls, into creation, through the quiet acceptance of what is, and the invocation of goodness in sincerity.

Being ok, or in a state of acceptance with everything in this moment, does not mean you agree with everything in this moment. It just means you do not allow for anything to usurp your power. And from this point of puissance we can go about making the changes we wish to see.

I believe at heart, by the virtue of my feelings that, God certainly does not enjoy the experiences of the suffering we put ourselves through. This is why, there have been interventions, why living examples of truth have entered this world, by the love of God, for its creations to awaken to the light of love “within themselves.”

Be blessed, and eternally Loved

Nicolas Heartmann 🙂

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Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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