The Numinous Deepening.

The ‘Numinous deepening’ of compassion for all of your feelings. As we call on, and allow the beauty of Grace to perform the transmutation of turning illusion; into the experience of a pure preeternal truth. A lifting of the veils.

Welcome to another odyssey into the utmost center of our being. As we join together in physical space, or a coming together in word, a timeless arcanum unfolds, and the inner spirit sings. As we reach out to one another with genuine goodness, the inner spirit raises its hymn in utter joy. It is as much the Sanctums desire that we awaken to our inner truth, as it is our own. The Sanctums approbation is our own.

I understand it is hard to believe, at times, in the truth of who we are. So we project our truth onto things outside our selves, notwithstanding, nothing is ever really outside of you. If you are experiencing it, wether it be as yourself or through projection on to some sacred, worshiped idea. When we feel dominated by an outside force, it is only because; we are projecting our inner forgotten strength on another, who’s job it is to by mirroring remind us, what we have given up. What is, is always in your experience as you, as are all things. You see at the very center of the emanation which makes up all things, is but one awareness, one being, one glorious shinning truth, forever calling us home, and supporting us in all ways.

We need but remember, to begin believing in the power of our inner goodness, and forge a way, a path of connection to our authenticity. Here we feel the love, the power, and the utmost support for our being-ness, in a very tangible way.

So our work is in the creating of a bond, inward, ever deeper, into our sacred nature. Watching this bond begin to grow, and strengthen in the experience of faith made manifest. Seeing how this bond to our pure nature, maintained by our sincerity, melts the veils of illusion, transforms hatred into an ever deepening sense of renewed romance with life as it is. We sink into whatever arises, and find whatever is arising transformed, by love, into love.

We take with us these living wisdoms, whispers of truths within our hearts. We choose to hold the flameless flame of goodness before us, to light the way, for all to see.

Be blessed always

Nic 🙂

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Also if you care to show your support, for 99cents there is a song available for download; Click Link for purchase — Click Link for preview. (More to come!)

Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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