Miracles all around town!

Oh my, it sure has been a while since the last Blog. And for good reason, between moving into a new space, a family member passing, a bag load of kittens in my old garage, and attending a whole array of local seminars, events, and happenings, while also going through my own inner exponentially accelerated growth… Well lets just say inundation would be an understatement.

The miracle in it all for me really was to see, how all these things so disturbing passed before me, but I did not feel disturbed. I kept throughout it all in my prayers, and meditations, ‘the communion with my inner love-light,’ before everything else. So any situation, regardless how stressful it appeared, really still felt like heaven, because I was heaven for myself, within me.

I’ve experienced many deep states over the years, but I believe this was the first time, something truly nerve wrecking, uncertain, and precarious was before me, and I did not fall into despair. It brought me to notice how much I’ve grown, and how truly beautiful life is, and that no matter what goes before you, if you do not leave Love, Love never leaves you. “Grant that I may not so much seek to be loved, as to love.” (It is truly in the giving that we receive.)

I am in utter sincere gratitude, and can wholesomely say that; when the inner work is done, to clear the path leading into the sacred sanctuary of our pure source, only Love matters, and all else soon will follow. I’ve been blessed to bathe in love, and found how little I knew, how in this love all things melt into reasonless- undeserving liberation, simply by the nature of.

I give deep thx to one of my greatest teachers, and masters St. Francis who’s prayer taught me, and carried me throughout for so many years.

There is so much more I am looking forward to sharing with you in the coming days and throughout. Of the countless total miracles I’ve witnessed over these last tow months, it’s all so very amazing. I am still in the process of integrating it all, and moving into my new Home, unpacked boxes everywhere, and my adopted kitty looks hungry again :-). Id better get to it.

Love-light and blessings, till we connect again, in Music, words, and sacred healing.

—-Side note: The Children short story “Andys Inner-ventures,” will be available, once I get a bit of time to finish the first episode. Which will include a Song, Sketches, and a ‘read by the author,’ version, to listen and fall asleep to.—-

Also if you care to show your support, for 99cents there is a song available for download; Click Link for purchase — Click Link for preview. Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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