The inner Adventure – for Kids.

I’ve really had my intentions set for a fun new inspiring project, and then along came this idea: So, for the last week or so I’ve been putting together ideas for a kids series, which would subtly encapsulate, some of the thoughts which I have been blogging about. The premise being very simple; the life of a nine year old boy with a creative knack for exploration, tinkering, and all around curios- nosiness.

AND,,, here we have the first sketch of our little hero, who’s name is still in the works, (though there have been some potential ideas.) — If you have a thought as to what our HERO should be called, I would love to hear it in the comment section.— (If chosen I will be sure to write an episode with you as guest-star, –“that’s right I said your a star!” –in cartoon version. ;-p) –Hmm, that could actually be a really cool idea, to create a ‘name the Hero,’ and become a guest star in the show contest.– (Another idea on the to do list, stay tuned!)

He falls asleep at his desk one evening, and begins to partake in some very lucid dreaming, by some called astral travel. During these travels he encounters all sorts of fun characters, and interesting things which he then writes about in his adventurers Journal. He begins to apply these teachings in his life, and his creative nature really begins to take flight, channeled into all sorts of inventions, excursions, and untold- machinations. At this point each episode is dedicated to understanding the basic principles of listening to, and trusting ones own intuition/ coming into a deeper understanding of our potentials, and who we are.

—Here we have our Hero, in the paint program, beginning to come to life.—

(Let me know what you think, should he be pudgier, or more cartoon-like with bigger eyes, and ears? Or do you like him as is? – Your thoughts are truly valued.-

It’s been a really exciting project so far, working on the sketches of some of the characters, and since I’ll be doing an audio version of each adventure, I’ve also had the pleasure of coming up with a catchy little intro song to the series. Additionally will be having some surprise guests doing voice overs to some of the Characters. Maybe even having cartoon versions of certain individuals, to make a guest appearance in the animations with voice overs. This will probably be very interesting for those, who actually know them in person.

I’ll include some sketches in this blog, and a mini excerpt from part one, -maybe.- 🙂

Conjointly I’ll be (as time allows), creating little blogs such as this, to share how the creative process is moving along, and introducing the rest of our Characters.

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



Beautiful glowing-‘arcane symbols‘ orbit the Tip-Jar!  (Ooh,,, how auspicious.)

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