Kitty attack!

Ok, so I really felt like this was worth a nice Blog;

About a month ago I started feeding a stray Kitty, little did I know,,, this little Kitty was actually a mommy. So a few days ago, she began bringing all of her Kittens to me. This was done in the middle of the night at around 2am. At first I thought I was dreaming, and began seeing little kittens running everywhere. Then I opened my eyes, and noticed the sound was coming from the door. With sleep in my eyes I made my way to open the door. Slowly I opened it to find Abby, which is what I had named the mother, with numerous kittens outside. It was late and I was a bit confused. I did the best to gather up the little ones in an old box which I had laying around. I put a blanket, along with some old T-shirts inside. I brought them into the kitchen, where they stayed till morning.

The next day I noticed, these kittens had more fleas then I had ever seen in my entire life. After some time of googling I discovered there was no cure for fleas on kitties, but to hand pluck them, using a brush, tweezers, and some dish-wash shampoo. Luckily a good girlfriend of mine donated her day to helping me out. We spent most of the day picking fleas from all the kittens. This was probably one of the most tedious undertakings I’ve ever volunteered myself for. But after countless hours there was a box of perfectly clean, and fluffy kittens. I decided the one that clawed me the most during the flea removal process would have to stay with me, to be spoiled rotten.

Though getting up the last few nights to let in the mother, to nurse, and coddle the little ones has been an arduous task. It has also been one of the most rewarding, and heart warming experiences I’ve had in some time. I’ve never had a cat, I haven’t even had any sort of pet, in over 20yrs. Mostly because I never felt it right for me to just go buy a familiar or pet. I always felt it should happen naturally, in some sort of magical manor. And lo and behold so it did, I couldn’t be more enamored by these precious little blessings, which have found there way into my life.

Thank you for reading much love always

Nic 🙂

Also: I started this little shop on to help finance this kitty situation, incase anyone feels so inspired to support us.

Thank you already ahead of time for everyone’s support.

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