Aspiring ‘IN,’ to soar ‘UP.’

Sometimes in our despair we want nothing more then to move up up and fly away. Anyone relate with that? Yea I had a feeling, it seems like the most basic of instincts, when there is discomfort run for the hills. Experiences, or in the moment thoughts of the future or unresolved anchors in the past, can be so disturbing we wish nothing but escape from suffering. Very understandable, however in practice I’ve found that there is no actual escape from suffering, but an in-scape into the holy vortex of divine recognition of our most sacred inner self or by some so named ‘God.’ I totally understand that sounds a little intense to say, but it is what it is.

For most the last place we want to go is where we are, thinking that if we stand in stillness the world would eat us alive. And oddly enough it is just the opposite (keeping in mind I am not discrediting the value of action, if that action be right/ inspired action), if we continue on running, thinking we could out run the storm, we may run forever into our death, and back again.

Sometimes when burdens just don’t seem to lift, while we may be making attempts at being right where we are, without conscious recognition that we are actually struggling inside attempting to move up and out. There is one measure or gauge by which you can tell what you are actually doing; your in the moment feelings, and your tangible growing results, into a truer more wholesome concept of self. When the connection to truth is holy formed, release, and well being accompany the Paraclete.

If we would consider truly bringing our burdens before the divine master/ sacred untouchable self, at the center of our spiritual heart, at the center of our being. We would find the truth in fact, through empirical experience of these words for ourselves. And it is only through yourself that this experience can be gotten, it is nothing anyone can impart to you through mere words. Words can guide, and may sooth for a while, however only through self applied practice do real meaningful results occur.

Ok, so where in the world is this spiritual heart which could help me through this, you might be asking? As we relate often our ‘Being’ with our ‘Body,’ this location is at the center of our physical heart, though in truth there is no actual location, it is simply a guideline a ‘point-the-way-concept.’ And quite honestly so long as we are in these ingenious garments of flesh, I believe this location a very appropriate path into,,,

And slight of subject,,, a nice workout never hurts, not forgetting the super-fantastic intermediates like stretching. 🙂

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Much love always

Yours in Music, Words, Health, and Healing.

Nic 😉

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